'Der Schatten'

Nina Vukovic
Pascal Schmit
Stefanie Veith, Michael Comtesse
Commissioning Editor:
Diana Kraus
Deleila Piasko, Andreas Pietschmann, Luisa-Céline Gaffron, Christoph Luser, Roxane Duran, Aaron Friesz u.a.

"ON AUGUST 13TH, YOU WILL KILL A MAN NAMED ARTHUR GRIMM AT THE PRATER. WITH GOOD REASON. AND OF YOUR OWN FREE WILL." Just as the young journalist Norah has moved to Vienna for a fresh start, a beggar woman prophesies these words to her. How can we explain all the mysterious events that have been haun1ng Norah ever since? Who is snooping around her apartment and sending her cryp1c messages? Is someone trying to tempt her into commiWng murder, or does this Arthur Grimm actually have something to do with Norah's past? The beggar woman's words hang over Norah like a shadow, gaining the destruc1ve power of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Who is manipula1ng Norah, and what depths would we ourselves sink to if an unknown adversary drove us to the brink?

"'The Shadow' is Nina Vukovic's masterpiece." – tittelbach.tv

"With 'The Shadow', Keshet Tresor Fiction delivers a strong series for ZDFneo based on a novel. In the film version, everything really fits together: Performers, books and camera all join hands, resulting in a rousing thriller." – dwdl.de

"'The Shadow' (Keshet Tresor Fiction) – What a story! [...] Even a less impressive stylistic and technical execution would likely have turned Stefanie Veith's excellent adaptation of Melanie Raabe's novel of the same name into a captivating series, but Nina Vukovic's direction is at least brilliant. The cinematography is award-worthy, just like the performance by lead actress Deleila Piasko, who embodies the multifaceted spectrum of her role in a captivating manner." – tittelbach.tv

  • Broadcaster: ZDF
  • TV launch: 17. August 2023
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 6

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