'How To Dad'

Jakob Lass
Teresa Kuhn
Richard Kropf, Anneke Janssen
Commissioning Editor:
Carolin Haasis
Vladimir Burlakov, Patrick Güldenberg, Helgi Schmid, Ugur Kaya, Nikeata Thompson

In the foyer of a ballet studio, fathers who could hardly be more different meet: the Adonis-like influencer Roman (Helgi Schmid), the passionate stay-at-home dad Berti (Patrick Güldenberg), the masculine old-school type Sami (Ugur Kaya), and the smart CEO on sabbatical Alexander (Vladimir Burlakov). What unites these four is that each of them is terrified of the father-child dance, which the tough ballet teacher Theresa (Nikeata Thompson) announces during the first lesson. While the fathers wait for their children in the foyer once a week, an unusual circle of conversation develops. When questions about the right school, love life among parents, or dealing with childhood illnesses arise, not only differences but also abysses open up. Many conversations veer into boastful power struggles. As the performance approaches and Berti is at risk of dropping out due to a "lingering bronchitis," an unexpected sense of teamwork emerges among the others. However, just before the performance, ambition awakens...


„An amusing Game with prejudice and all sorts of surprises“ – Blickpunkt Film

„I will definitely watch that!“ – Mens Health

„The new ARD-Series 'How to Dad' shines, despite all cliches, with smart Dialogues and a great ensemble. (...) A worth seeing battle, that Director Jakob Lass is skillfully interrupting with flashbacks.” – dwdl.de

„The whole mini-series has a fantastic pointe, which makes all clichés transparent, and that questions in a grand way its own actions whilst reproducing the cliches.” – Zeit online

  • Broadcaster: ARD
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 5

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