'Unter Freunden stirbt man nicht'

Felix Stienz
Jakob Beurle
Claudius Pläging
Commissioning Editor:
Thomas Disch, Hauke Bartel, Frauke Neeb
Heiner Lauterbach, Iris Berben, Michael Wittenborn, Adele Neuhauser, Walter Sittler

"What are five days compared to eternity?" muses Joachim (Heiner Lauterbach) and, together with Ella (Iris Berben), Friedrich (Michael Wittenborn), and Annette (Adele Neuhauser), hatches a daring plan: they must keep the sudden death of their friend Hermann (Walter Sittler) a secret for five days. The deceased is, after all, the hottest contender for the Nobel Prize in Economics, and the announcement of the winner is imminent. The only problem: dead people don't receive Nobel Prizes. The winner must be alive for the announcement. So, a few days can make all the difference, whether the friends lay to rest a soon-forgotten scientist or a Nobel laureate whose name will be forever etched into the history books. The four agree – in honor of Hermann and his memory. First step: cool down the bedroom and close the windows to prevent any flies from getting in... But what starts as a final great service to a friend gradually spirals out of control, putting their friendship to the ultimate test.


“Neuhauser, Berben, Lauterbach and Wittenborn will make you forget Hollywood” – FAZ

“'We don’t die among friends' is outstanding TV entertainment” – Der Tagesspiegel

“The German answer to 'Weekend at Bernie’s': insanely funny with an amazing cast!” – TVMovie

“An amazingly entertaining plot that just grows and grows over the course of the four episodes, keeping both tension and humor at their highest levels” – dwdl.de

  • Broadcaster: RTL+
  • TV launch: 19.12.2020
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 4

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